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Our Mission/History

The Wood County Recreation Commission was established on September 17, 1945.  This was a joint effort by the Wood County Commission, Wood County Board of Education, City of Parkersburg, and City of Vienna.  The goal:  to provide quality, affordable recreational opportunities to the residents of Wood County and surrounding areas.  (Vienna withdrew from the Wood County Recreation Commission in 1985 and formed Vienna Recreation)

You may drive through the park during the summer and witness us sitting outside our office.  Please do not just assume we are not working.  With just a staff of two we are often working 10 or 12 hour days.  During the summer we run a Playground Program in the large shelter across from our office, a Tennis program at the Tennis Court and manage the Mini Golf.  We are sitting outside watching Mini Golf for customers if there is not a staff person scheduled due to budget or watching the Playground Program.  Also, sometimes we are just on our lunch break but still working, by answering phones, waiting on clients, working Mini Golf, etc.  So Please…don’t just assume we are not working.  We work 24/7.  Thank you J

The Wood County Recreation Commission has been committed to offering you quality, affordable recreation opportunities since 1945.
The Board of Members meets the first Wednesday of every month at 12 noon, located at the new WCRC Office in the City Park.


Wood County Recreation Commission

Regular Scheduled Meeting

Wednesday April 2nd, 2014

12:00 Noon

 Discussion and / or Action Items

 Approve Minutes of February 5, 2014 Board Meeting

Approve January & February 2014 Financial Reports

2014 Election of officers

Ms. Hardman to report on Volleyball Program

Ms. Marshall to report on Boys Elementary Basketball Program

Ms. Marshall to report on Small Fry Basketball Program

Discussion/Approval of Pitching Machine League proposal

Wood County Recreation Commission
Board of Members

Larry Allen, President
Bob Carr, Vice President
Sean Andrews
Randy Edge
Steve Mohwish
John Marlow
 Heather Mannix
Dave Poling
Zachary Harrell 
Roger Brown, Ex-Officio
Wayne Dunn, Ex-Officio