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Summer Playground

The program will run June 22 through July 31 and will be held Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. util 2 p.m. daily at seven locations throughout the county. This free program is open to all Wood County children, ages 5-12. The Wood County Summer Nutrition Program will once again provide free lunch and snack daily at six of the sites. We offer children a fun, safe environment with adult supervised activities and craft projects.

The sites are as follows: City Park, Quincy Park, Fairplains, Waverly, Lubeck, Kanawha and Williamstown. There is no pre-registration and participants need only to show up at each site. 

Anyone wishing to work as a Summer Playground supervisor should contact Amy Allman at the Wood County Recreation Commission office in the City Park at 304-424-7311 ext. 203

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