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We are conveniently located in
Parkersburg City Park
1920 Park Avenue, Building C
 (1st metal building on right w/red roof)
Mailing address: P.O. Box 1306
 Parkersburg, WV  26102
Phone:  304-424-7311
Fax :  304-424-7334

Give Local MOV


Give Local MOV is one day of giving that is easily done online. WCRC’s mission is to Re-Build our Ballfields.  That of WV generously leased the “old Eagles Fields” to WCRC which are used by WCRC as well as several softball, baseball, school and adult leagues.  When the State orginally leased the fields to us, and unknown person(s) went to the field, removed several hundred feet of fence.  Any contributions made to Give MOV for the Wood County Recreation Commission PACF will match up to $100.00.  Meaning if you donate $20, they will match it and we will earn $40.  All funding generated will be used for puchasing the much needed 3 – 250 ft sections of fence, that go down the foul lines, from the dugouts to the outfield fence.  Any additional funds will be used to repair the dugouts and any other items needed for the field.  On May 5th, go to givelocal.org, click on Wood County Recreation Commission, make your donation and help us REBUILD OUR FIELDS for the youth in our community.  Every donor will receive a receipt for tax purposes. 


WCRC Adult Pickleball

We are excited that you are visiting our web site. Our goal is to provide a more effective and efficient method of informing our community of the many recreational opportunities available at the Wood County Recreation Commission.  We will be adding, deleting, and updating information often in our effort to make current data more accessible to our participants and their families. 

Wood County Recreation Commission now has Grant Opportunities available for qualified participants meeting federal income guidelines.  While WCRC has never turned a child away due to lack of funds, there is opportunity now for every eligible child's registration fee to be reimbursed to WCRC through grant funding.  Upon registration, just ask for the simple six-question "Income Survey" form.

The summer season is fast approaching and it is once again time for WCRC's Summer Playground Program. 

The program will run June 15 through July 24 this year and will be held Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. util 2 p.m. daily at seven locations throughout the county. The program is open to all Wood County children, ages 5-12, free of charge The Wood County Summer Nutrition Program will once again provide free lunch and snack daily. We offer children fun, safe environment with adult supervised activities and craft projects.

The sites are as follows: City Park, Friendship Park, Fairplains, Waverly, Lubeck, Kanawha and Williamstown.

Anyone wishing to work as a Summer Playground supervisor should contact Amy Allman at the Wood County Recreation Commission office in the City Park at 304-424-7311 ext. 203 or aallman@woodrecreation.com.


Harvest Moon Arts & Crafts Festival

WV State Honey Festival

21st Annual Holiday in the Park

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Bruce McCoy Retires as an Official

President Larry Allen and Vice Pres. Sean Andrews presenting Mr. McCoy's plaque for dedication and years of service.  Thanks Bruce, you will be greatly missed as a ref. 

FYI:You may drive through the park during warm weather and see us sitting outside our office.  Please do not assume we are not working.  With a staff of only two, we are often working 10-12 hour days.  During summer months, our Playground Program runs in the large shelter across from our office, a Tennis program at the Tennis Court, and we also manage Mini Golf.  We often sit outside watching Mini Golf for customers if no staff person is scheduled due to budget or watching the Playground Program, while staying close enough to hear incoming phone calls.  We may also be on our lunch break, yet still answering phones, waiting on clients, working Mini Golf, etc.  So Please…don’t just assume we are not working.  We work 24/7.  Thank you J

WCRC wishes to sincerely thank the Parkersburg Area Community Foundation and all of it's staff, board members, and contributors.  Because of the 2011-12 Community Action Grants which provided scholarships to 80 kids and purchased supplies for the Playground Program.  We appreciate all you've done for the youth of our community!

Congratulations to our 2014 Girls Elementary Basketball Champs:  Williamstown!
2015 Boys Elementary Basketball Champs: Mineral Wells!


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